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The Leads, 5/18/2011

DIRK NOWITZKI IS GALACTUS.  The man was simply en fuego last night. Only three attempts missed and scored 48, including four assists and four blocks. Dirk was just too busy feeding on our planet.

THE CINCINNATI REDS ARE RUDE.  I can’t tell you what the hell is wrong with the Reds. It’s baffling. It all started with that nearly-blown 7-run lead against the Cardinals on Sunday. The pissing contest that took place between Dave Duncan and Francisco Cordero was entertaining to say the least, but it looks to add another chapter to the ever-growing rivalry between the two clubs. Since then, the Reds have flirted with disaster against a low-A baseball club in the Chicago Cubs. Both Monday and Tuesday, the Cubs have given up a 4-run and 3-run lead in an effort to forfeit and become defunct. Dusty does not care about this, because “Fuck the Cubs.”

THE SEED OF REX CHAPMAN COMMITS…  …to Muncie? Last night, social media went ballistic after the announcement that Zeke Chapman, son of former NBA player Rex Chapman committed to Ball State yesterday. He drew interest from power conference schools but was dropped after having surgery done on his ankles to remove scar tissue. He chose Ball State over Idaho State and UAB, which isn’t saying too much. However, I like what coach Billy Taylor is trying to build for the Cardinals.

There was one interesting quote from the former Phoenix Suns standout:

“I couldn’t have been more impressed with the facilities,” Rex said. “I was telling a family member, if someone had blindfolded me and dropped me off there with no signs indicating where I was, I couldn’t have been able to of told if you if I was at IU or Ball State or Michigan. It was an impressive place.”

It’s insulting to compare Muncie to that school in Bloomington and that trash up north. Anyways, if Zeke can play near the level that his dad did…folks, Muncie might be back on the map. As exciting as it may be, Taylor still needs to build a team around him.

LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOYD!   The College Football Hall of Fame announced the 2011 Enshrinement Class, where the actual enshrinement does not take place until the summer of 2012. The talk of the class is an old man who coached at Michigan and was also known to yell at kids to stay the hell off of his lawn. Included is Eddie George, Prime Time Neon Deion, Russell Maryland and a slew of others.

VENGEANCE.  The 2011 Indiana High School Baseball Tournament draw was held yesterday, and Huntington North drew Homestead, who’s hosting the sectionals this year. A fluke incident led Homestead to a come-from-behind victory in April, and the Vikings are still pissed. Since then, the Vikes have lost only one game–top ranked Carroll of Fort Wayne. The HN-Homestead game will begin at 5 p.m. next Thursday.


Pissing and Moaning

I’m not afraid to claim that I may be the worst driver in the Universe. It’s not because of my poor driving abilities–I drive at or a little over the speed limit, follow proper procedures with road signs and adjust to adverse road conditions.

What makes me the worst is my attitude.

“Hey kid, we all have a little bit of road rage in us.”

[as NBC’s Chris Hansen] Yeah, why don’t you have a seat over there? [gestures at passenger seat]

(I will warn that extreme language lies ahead. Deal with it.)

How the hell hard is it for someone to stick with one lane? What the fuck good does it do for someone to stay in the passing lane when they’re only going the speed limit?

Why the fuck can’t you use your turn signals? Have you slashed the tendons in your wrist, or is a strain from self-pleasure inhibiting your abilities? How the shit am I supposed to know when or where you’re going to turn?

Why can’t you stay the fuck off of your phone? You can complete multiple tasks while in the middle of a conversation as your only task is speaking. If you can’t, put the fucker down and call the son of a bitch back when you’re not driving.

This sparks from me driving 45 mph all the way from Columbia City to Fort Wayne on U.S. 30 this afternoon…and the speed limit is 60 all the way through. That’s one hell of a way for Hoosiers to troll this Hoosier.

Do us all a favor – be more aggressive; don’t drive like a little girl.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Ad Council to serve dipshits like yourself.